How To use Mitter Saw Stand for hotel woodworking

How To use Mitter Saw Stand for hotel woodworking

A miter saw is a special saw that is used to cut miters and make crosscuts in a workpiece quickly. It operates by pulling quickly a mounted circular blade saw down onto a board. It is a standard tool that is used by professional and experienced carpenters. Sometimes, the miter saw is referred to as the power miter box. These miter saws are available in various types giving you an array of options to choose from depending on your project.

How to Use a Mitter Saw

A miter saw can be used in three different ways, which are as follows.

  1. You can use it on the ground
  2. You can use it on a regular workbench
  3. You can use it on a miter saw stand.

Using a miter saw on a regular workbench, or the ground is tricky, especially when you want to cut long lumber. It will not help you to complete your project effectively. Besides, it will take you more extended hours when you use the saw on the ground or a regular bench. Why is this? When you work on the mentioned areas, especially on the ground, the saw is not set on the correct height; therefore, it will take its toll on your back.

However, using miter stands when working with your miter saw helps you achieve excellent results on your project. A miter saw stand that is set properly will not only help you improve your productivity, but it will also help you work faster and protect your health. Before using your miter saw, ensure that is blade guard is in place as well as the retractable blade guard. Below are the procedures that will help you on how to use miter stand to cut mitters and mak crosscuts.

How To Make Crosscuts Using a Mitter Saw Stand

  • First, draw a line where you would like to cut the wood press against the fence with your Mitter Saw Stand
  • Ensure the edge of your cutline is perfectly lined with the blade‚Äôs teeth
  • Line up the blade so that you can cut on the left of the line. ( ensure you do not cut down the middle of your line)
  • Always clamp your workpiece to ensure it is stable.
  • Pull the head down to make an imaginary line cut
  • Check if everything is in place
  • Squeeze the power on the saw and lower it down until the head stops

Cutting Miters Using a Saw Mitter Stand

The procedure for cutting miters using a saw miter is the same to the one of making crosscuts. The only difference is that you will have to angle the blade. Most of the saws pivot to both directions, but when cutting miters, pivot your saw to the right side. The saws have gauges that indicate which angle to make. If you are right-handed, pivot the saw to the right so that you can see the cuts easily, and it is safer for you. If you are left-handed, you will have to do the opposite.


It is crucial to work on a saw stand while using a miter saw. It is safe for your health. It helps you save time and gives you excellent results.

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